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Akademia Kofeiny – everything you need to know about coffee but are probably too afraid to ask

We created Akademia Kofeiny with one simple reason in mind – our love of coffee. For many years we’ve been exploring the secrets of brewing, roasting and storing coffee. We’re always on the hunt for new aromas, we’re reasearing, and most importantly, testing out different methods of making coffee. Throughout the years we’ve developed brewing techniques that we’ve refined based on our personal preferences. And that’s what we want to share – our knowledge so that we can increase coffee awareness. To rephrase the motto of our roastery: “We want to create a world filled with the taste of top quality coffee that’s available to everyone”.

Why us?

  • we’ve been in the coffee industry since 2009. We run our own café chain and we are constantly involved in developing a “coffee culture” and awareness;
  • we have our own coffee roastery, which is why we know how to roast, store, and transport coffee;
  • we co-organize the Polish Baristas Championships, the Pro-Infuzja Barista Challenge, TNT – Latte Art competition and many other industry events;
  • acknowledged industry experts like Artur Porada, Krzysztof Barabosz, Piotr Stanisławski are part of our team;
  • we have our own coffee laboratory and we cooperate with the likes of Opole University of Technology to improve the brewing and storage of coffee beans;
  • as one of the first in Poland, we started using alternative brewing methods, like: DRIP, CHEMEX, SYPHON, AREOPRESS;
  • we work with the best importers, and the beans are chosen by us. This way we know exactly where they come from and can guarantee the best possible quality.

Coffee services for events

You can’t survive the day, let alone business events, without coffee. Without coffee, you’ll have people falling asleep at your trainings, fairs, conferences and team building events. Let’s face it, business goes better with Coffee. It’s what helps foster the best relationships with colleagues, business partners or potential clients.

How do we work?

Most importantly, we’re mobile and flexible. We adapt to customers’ requirements and tailor each and every one of our offers around them. Each meeting is different and it requires an individual approach. Choosing Akademia Kofeiny as a business partner, you’ll be sure that your event participants will be taken care of. They’ll get unique coffee that’s served by our specialists in a way they’ll always remember. You’ll be able to focus on the business side of things, and we’ll take care of all the coffee-related details.

Trainings and workshops

Coffee hides many secrets. Each bean tells a unique story, and you need a particular set of skills to discover it. Improper grinding, brewing and even storing kill a part of that hidden story. That is why we conduct trainings and workshops not only for people in the coffee industry, but also for coffee enthusiasts who are looking for new experiences and want to rediscover the history of beans.

Who can use our help?

We want to help everyone, maybe you have your own café or you’re simply a coffee enthusiast. We run trainings for people just starting out in the coffee industry. We audit cafés, help to analyse the costs of their operation and to optimise their work and improve processes.

We conduct training for staff members and teach young baristas the art of brewing and serving coffee. We’ll show you and your team what perfect hospitality and perfect customer service really is.

Business consultations

The Coffee business consists of thousands of stories shared by baristas every day. Each of them is different, which is a lesson for both fresh and more experienced café owners. When starting out on your adventure with coffee, it’s definitely worth asking experienced people for help. They’ll show you just how the best cafés in the world work and teach you how to achieve success and become famous on the coffee map of Poland. Our experts share their professional knowledge to help new owners choose the right equipment and products, and save time on learning through trial and error. We are also here for those who are already more established on the coffee market. We help in optimising processes, which leads to savings on e.g. maintenance costs.

When’s it worth contacting us?

We are here for everyone, regardless of the type of business you have and the help you need. We help arrange coffee bars and select equipment, but we aren’t afraid of running marketing campaigns either. We help analyse costs of entering the market and improve functioning businesses. Each of our clients is important to us and we treat them individually, so that they can feel the taste of the highest level of care. Working with us is just as good as the coffee we serve, we promise.